Home Learning

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As well as locally based teaching sessions we also offer the following home learning options

Individual tutorials

Our home learning package gives you access to our online support materials – which guide you through the course. Our last CIPS inspection described these materials ‘excellent resources’. Clients supplement the materials with tutorials to build a structured individual programme of support with a personal tutor.

The tutorials take you through the course at a time convenient for you. You can opt for two one hour tutorials per module or more. The most popular option is four hours support per module – which provides a similar structure to the course as the class sessions.

Whatever package is chosen unlimited email and telephone contact with the tutor is also provided – this is aside from the tutorials.

Videoconference classes

We run live weekday 6.30 – 8.30 videoconference classes every week for the Advanced Certificate, Level 4 Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Professional Diploma. You can log into the sessions wherever you are!

Video sessions are combined with locally based face –to- face workshops.

The videoconference classes provide the same additional support and work just the same as the face to face ones – except you don't have to battle your way to one of our study centres after work ! Please see the Advanced Certificate, Level 4 Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Professional Diploma. sections of this website for details.

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CIPS Advanced Certificate

Module From w/c To w/c Exam Date
L3M4. Team Dynamics and Change 16.09.19 04.11.19 w/c 11.11.19
L3M5. Socially responsible Warehousing and Distribution 16.09.19 04.11.19 w/c 11.11.19
L3M1. Procurement and Supply Environments 18.11.19 13.01.20 w/c 20.01.20
L3M2. Ethical Procurement and Supply 02.03.20 04.05.20 w/c 11.05.20
L3M3. Contract Administration 02.03.20 04.05.20 w/c 11.05.20

CIPS Level 4 Diploma

Module From w/c To w/c Exam Date
L4M1: Scope and influence of Procurement and Supply 16.09.19 11.11.19 w/c 18.11.19
L4M2: Defining Business Needs
L4M7: Whole Life Asset Management
25.11.19 13.01.20 w/c 20.01.20
L4M8: Procurement and Supply in Practice 02.02.20 02.03.20 w/c 09.03.20
L4M3: Commercial Contracting
L4M5: Commercial Negotiation.
17.03.20 04.05.20 w/c 11.05.20
L4M4: Ethical and Responsible Sourcing
L4M6: Supplier relationships
18.05.20 06.07.20 w/c 13.07.20

CIPS Advanced Diploma

Module From w/c To w/c Exam Date
L5M1 Managing Teams and Individuals 16.09.19 11.11.19 w/c 18.11.19
L5M2: Managing Supply Chain Risk
L5M3: Managing Contractual Risk
25.11.19 13.01.20 w/c 20.01.20
L5M4: Advanced Contract and Financial Management. 02.02.20 02.03.20 w/c 09.03.20
L5M6 Category Management
L5M8 Project and Change Management
17.03.20 04.05.20 w/c 11.05.20
L5M5 Managing Ethical Procurement and Supply
L5M9 Operations Management
18.05.20 06.07.20 w/c 13.07.20

CIPS Professional Diploma

Module From w/c To w/c Exam Date
L6M1: Strategic Ethical Leadership 16.09.19 11.11.19 w/c 18.11.19
L6M5: Strategic Programme Leadership
L6M8: Innovation in Procurement and Supply
25.11.19 13.01.20 w/c 20.01.20
L6M2: Global Commercial Strategy. 02.02.20 02.03.20 w/c 09.03.20
L6M3 Global Strategic Supply Chain Management 17.03.20 11.05.20 w/c 18.05.20
L6M9: Supply Network Design
L6M4: Future Strategic Challenges for the Profession
25.05.20 06.07.20 w/c 13.07.20