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We offer weekly daytime and evening classes for all CIPS levels at our Rugby Centre – which offers ample off road free parking right in front of the building.

Our programme consists of a combination of interactive teaching that introduces fresh content and workshops that focus on quizzes, case studies and exam technique. We provide feedback on all submitted practice papers and online access to the e-learning area of our website which contains comprehensive slides and other support materials from each teaching session.

We also offer

  • Skype catch up tutorials for clients where circumstances mean they are unable to attend a session.
  • A pass guarantee – which means if anyone is unfortunate enough not to be successful in an exam (our pass rates are around 95% by the way!) we will continue to tutor them until they are!
  • A Saturday revision session for each module.

We provide a variety of flexible & affordable options for self funding clients.

Because each qualification is modular clients can start in September, November, February, March and May. It is perfectly possible to take more than one exam at a time and finish earlier.

Need any help? Phone us now on +44 01908 698 849

CIPS Advanced Certificate

Weekday Evenings 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Module From w/c To w/c Exam Date
L3M4. Team Dynamics and Change 16.09.19 04.11.19 w/c 11.11.19
L3M5. Socially responsible Warehousing and Distribution 16.09.19 04.11.19 w/c 11.11.19
L3M1. Procurement and Supply Environments 18.11.19 13.01.20 w/c 20.01.20
L3M2. Ethical Procurement and Supply 02.03.20 04.05.20 w/c 11.05.20
L3M3. Contract Administration 02.03.20 04.05.20 w/c 11.05.20

CIPS Level 4 Diploma

Weekday Eves: 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Weekday Afternoons: 4.00pm – 6.00pm
Module From w/c To w/c Exam Date
L4M1: Scope and influence of Procurement and Supply 16.09.19 11.11.19 w/c 18.11.19
L4M2: Defining Business Needs
L4M7: Whole Life Asset Management
25.11.19 13.01.20 w/c 20.01.20
L4M8: Procurement and Supply in Practice 02.02.20 02.03.20 w/c 09.03.20
L4M3: Commercial Contracting
L4M5: Commercial Negotiation.
17.03.20 04.05.20 w/c 11.05.20
L4M4: Ethical and Responsible Sourcing
L4M6: Supplier relationships
18.05.20 06.07.20 w/c 13.07.20

CIPS Advanced Diploma

Weekday Evenings 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Module From w/c To w/c Exam Date
L5M1 Managing Teams and Individuals 16.09.19 11.11.19 w/c 18.11.19
L5M2: Managing Supply Chain Risk
L5M3: Managing Contractual Risk
25.11.19 13.01.20 w/c 20.01.20
L5M4: Advanced Contract and Financial Management. 02.02.20 02.03.20 w/c 09.03.20
L5M6 Category Management
L5M8 Project and Change Management
17.03.20 04.05.20 w/c 11.05.20
L5M5 Managing Ethical Procurement and Supply
L5M9 Operations Management
18.05.20 06.07.20 w/c 13.07.20

CIPS Professional Diploma

Weekday Evenings 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Module From w/c To w/c Exam Date
L6M1: Strategic Ethical Leadership 16.09.19 11.11.19 w/c 18.11.19
L6M5: Strategic Programme Leadership
L6M8: Innovation in Procurement and Supply
25.11.19 13.01.20 w/c 20.01.20
L6M2: Global Commercial Strategy. 02.02.20 02.03.20 w/c 09.03.20
L6M3 Global Strategic Supply Chain Management 17.03.20 11.05.20 w/c 18.05.20
L6M9: Supply Network Design
L6M4: Future Strategic Challenges for the Profession
25.05.20 06.07.20 w/c 13.07.20

Please note that we reserve the right to cancel courses should there not be sufficient numbers for them to be viable – we will always let you know in advance if this is the case.